What is a Vehicle Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a way of transforming a vehicle’s exterior without having to go through the painful and costly process of repainting.
The process involves applying a vinyl sheet with an adhesive back to each panel of the vehicle. The panels are them warmed until the contours form.
Different types of vehicle wraps suit different styles and budgets. They can be applied to bumpers, wings, bonnets and wing mirrors. They are also available in different colors, and can be printed on for customizes designs.
With paint protection in mind, our car wraps protect the original vehicle paint from getting scratched or chipping. Aside from that, the vehicle is protected from any kind of oil spillage as well as from the UV rays, which can actually damage the car paint.
Our products have been tried and tested to almost all kinds of vehicles so we know that they are guaranteed safe to use.

Comparing Vehicle Wraps to Other Advertising Platforms

A 2003 advertising study conducted by Arbitron revealed that following cost per thousand impressions for each platform:

  • TV (30 second ad) – $20.54
  • Newspaper (1/2 page) – $23.32
  • Magazine (1/4 page) $8.00
  • Yellow Pages – $13.5
  • Internet – $28.00
  • Billboard – $3.90
  • Radio – $5.92
  • Direct Mail – $6.00
  • Mobile Outdoor Advertising – $1.50

  • Mobile outdoor advertising, which includes car wraps, make you pay only $1.50 per impression. Other forms of advertising, such as TV, make you pay a lot for what you are not certain will generate your expected return.
    The Outdoor Advertising Association of America also revealed that the average American travels 300 miles per week. While traveling, the average American is exposed to approximately 20,000 vehicles. Imagine how many impressions can possibly be garnered by your own company vehicle throughout its lifespan.
    Another study conducted by Mobile Ad Marketing revealed that an average of 150 million Americans travel each day. This makes the viewership for outdoor advertising higher than ever. The same study found that the time an average American spends traveling is triple the time he or she spends for reading the paper.
    These figures show you how many times a vehicle wrap can possibly be viewed by people on the road. Although the competitive Los Angeles areas can make it difficult for you to be interesting enough to get noticed, it’s easy to create the most eye-catching car wrap if you are with the right company.
    So choose your company well by trusting www.carwrapsla.com for your vehicle wrapping needs!