Truck Side Wraps

Billboard advertising allows visibility in high traffic areas, and can be a crucial addition for your marketing arsenal. However, it is most often too expensive especially for small, startup businesses. Truck side wraps are a great alternative to billboard advertising.

Here at Car Wraps LA, We believe that we are not just another truck wrap company. We can handle your fleet branding by conceptualizing a wrap for your brand, creating the design and integrating it to your business.

We’ve wrapped many trailers, trucks and buses with all types of specifications. We certainly know how to wrap yours. If you own a truck for your business, we can help you get a huge return of investment with very minimal advertising cost (as compared to other forms of advertising such as billboards and television).

Benefits of a Truck Side Wrap

  • Year round visibility – Ensure that your brand is constantly noticed and visible to a wide range of audience for just a fraction of the cost.
  • Brand Stature – Make your brand stand out above any other through a media canvas out on the road.


We Take Extra Care When Installing Truck Side Wraps

We care for your truck so we make sure that we do our job without inflicting any damage to any part of it, which may include emblems, badges, tail lights, bumpers and truck panels. We give attention even to the smallest details for a seamless installation—one that we guarantee will last for the years.

We have done expensive testing on all of the products we use and we guarantee that we offer the finest materials in this industry.

Truck side wrap advertising has increasingly become popular for many years now. To learn more about it, contact us today. Email us or call us to start your advertising campaign!